Copy of VALUES



Aryn Studio stands behind the notion to highlight and cherish each personality for the well-being of the whole team. We embrace diversity as we know that every individual of our team will contribute to building up a strong brand. Our working culture is based on mutual respect, value of creativity and talent development. At Aryn Studio we aim to provide an encouraging and healthy workplace environment.  


Aryn Studio is dedicated to preserving the environment. Working with dead-stock fabric is extremely important for us, as we put sustainability at the forefront of the brand. This was one of the most important factors when we founded the label, as by using dead-stock fabrics, we significantly minimise the textile waste that automatically ends up in landfills. This means that water is saved and greenhouse gas emissions are reduced by avoiding a production of new materials. 
The coats are produced in Portugal from 100% wool fabric. The material fibre exteriors are hydrophobic, lightweight and have natural insulating and moisture-wicking properties. We emphasise garment’s length of life as one of the most important factors when it comes to garments’ environmental footprint. Therefore, the brand uses mono materials that can be easier recycled when the coat can no longer be worn.


At Aryn Studio we build mutually beneficial supplier relationships and cherish the long-history artisan family businesses to preserve local ways of production. The brand works hand in hand with Portuguese suppliers that offer exceptional craftsmanship. We meticulously select partners according to certifications that comply with the brand’s core values, quality and sustainability. 

We are proud of partnering with three-generation family businesses as we know that they provide sustainable and healthy working conditions for their employees which one of the values we highly respect. The brand thrives to build trust-based relationships between ourselves and the suppliers.

At Aryn Studio we have incorporated the pre-order system in the name to reduce overstock. These key points guarantee our production in compliance with our values and the environment.


We are dedicated to continuously evolve our growth together with maintaining high-end quality. We are convinced that fashion is about pieces that are produced mindfully towards nature and can last forever. That is one of the reasons why at Aryn Studio we respect a price and promotion policy and have incorporated a pre-order system that discourages overconsumption and limits excess stock. We owe it to ourselves as an industry and we owe it to the consumers to bring transparency -

as you bring Aryn Studio to life.